Two EPSRC Photography Competition prizes for Silicon Photonics Group researchers

Our two researchers have won second and third prize in this year’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Photography Competition.

Dr Milos Nedeljkovic, a Research Fellow working in the field of mid-infrared group-IV photonics, won second place in the Equipment and Facilities category for his image of a silicon photonic chip.

The photograph, taken with the aid of a scanning electron microscope, shows the surface of the silicon chip, minutely patterned to produce a wire that can guide infrared light. This waveguide, measuring some 40 cm in length, has a footprint of just 1 mm2 , making it suitable for the development of small and low-cost optoelectronic devices with applications including environmental sensing, industrial process control and point-of-care diagnostics.

PhD student Wei Cao claimed third prize in the Innovation Category for his image entitled ‘Spiralling Light’. The photograph shows coupling of infrared light from an optical fibre into the spiral-shaped silicon photonic wires. These tiny forms, measuring only a few hundred nanometres wide were created using the extensive silicon fabrication facilities in the University’s Zepler Institute Cleanroom Complex.

On hearing the news, Group Head Professor Graham Reed, commented:

‘It's fantastic that two members of our group have won prizes from EPSRC. Not only are they excellent researchers, but they are skilled photographers too!’

Both winners are part of a photography group set up by Professor Goran Mashanovich last year:

'The idea behind the group is to create nice images of photonic devices, experimental setups and people working in our labs. We want to produce photos that can be used for outreach and engagement, and to show our research in action. Within the group, we share ideas, techniques and photo equipment, and learn from each other. These two awards confirm good quality of our work, and we hope to be able to expand our activities and to attract more colleagues from the Zepler Institute in the future.

A gallery of the winning images can be viewed on the Daily Telegraph website.