2nd Creativity@Home event - 31 March 2017

Following on from a workshop held in November 2015 the SPFS consortium attended a 1 day event in Brockenhurst, New Forest on 31st March 2017.  There were 20 participants in total and the day was an excellent brain storming adventure.
It was facilitated by Dr Jamie Cleaver, an EPSRC approved trainer who hosted the previous event.

The morning session focussed on our learnings and take aways from the previous workshop and also defining problems and generating solutions and how we incorporated them in to our everyday working environment.
The afternoon session concentrated on enhancing creativity and generating solutions.  Some creativity tools such as ‘De Bono 6 Hats’, ‘Lateral Thinking’, and ‘Duncker Diagrams’ were used to define problems and generate team building and propose solutions.  There were 3 teams working on solutions towards our everyday challenges within the university.
The overall consensus of the day was everyone felt the experience enhanced their capabilities to working as a team and benefitted from the suggestions and/or solutions generated.  The techniques have also been integrated into some group meeting activities.